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Roller Shutters

Roller Shutters

One of the most adaptable door security products available are Roller Shutters, providing access control to many sizes of opening and perfect for covering and securing doorways, windows and other access points. The roller shutter door requires very little housing space above, outside, or inside any opening.

Small Security Shutters to Large Industrial Doors

Roller shutters are strong, reliable and suitable for a wide range of applications, from small security shutters to large industrial uses. These doors are both inexpensive and robust which makes them one of the most popular types of industrial doors available.

There are over 50 different curtain slat types that can be used to construct a roller shutter curtain and all of them have various levels of strength, security, insulation and surface finishes. Steel or aluminium are the 2 main materials for the roller door curtain construction in single and double skinned construction.

Most roller shutters can be manually or electrically operated but when you get to a certain size and weight limit the roller shutter will have to be electrically operated and always have an emergency manual override system in case of a power failure. The range of controls available for operating a roller door are vast and ensure that in a commercial or industrial application the very best and safest control can be used for efficient daily use. When used for security purposes you have the choice of very high security access control methods such as finger readers, digital keypads and key switches.