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Fire Shutters

Fire Shutters
Fire Shutters
Fire Shutters

Our range of fire-rated servery shutters can be specified for all types of servery hatch openings. The fire ratings range from 60 minutes to four hours.
All our shutters can be powder coated in any RAL colour to suit the counter.

Fire Resistant Roller Shutters

Our fire rated roller shutters give between 60 minutes and four hours of fire protection. Your specification will depend on the building regulations and insurance requirements for your property.
The range covers small to industrial sized openings. They are operated using an electric motor, chosen to fit the individual customer’s purpose.

Fusible Link Release

A local heat source of 68’C will cause the fusible link to activate, sending a signal to the shutter to close, using either the maintained electricity supply or the battery back-up unit (optional extra).

Fire Alarm Link

A fire alarm link will cause the shutter to close under power. The unit will require a maintained supply or we can supply a battery back-up unit. A volt-free fire alarm signal is required for this operation.

Audio Visual Warning Closure

On activation by the fire alarm the unit starts to flash and sound. The shutter will close after a pre-determined delay of between 10 seconds and four minutes.